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Why Choose Crystal?

We are DJs with many years of experience mixing, and known for filling up dance floors and winning over crowds at clubs, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. DJ Sitz has more 20 years’ experience as a DJ and DJ Jamie is one of the youngest professional DJ’s in London.

Music is our passion, which we're lucky enough to have as our profession. We love what we do, and that is reflected in all of our DJ's energy levels, attitudes, and styles of mixing.

We have an impressive collection of songs of all genres to please the crowd, including Bollywood, Bhangra, Dance, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, and Reggae. Our ability to mix different styles of music is key in order to have an amazing fun and well-rounded event. Over the past few years Crystal Events have managed both corporate and private events from start to finish. From small intimate to large themed events we have never failed to amaze.

We take great pride in mixing our wide ranging music live with friendly audience interaction. Regardless of the event, our musical motto remains the same: “play what the audience wants to hear”. Combining this with preparation has proven to be a hit formula every time.